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Phil Lesh and Friends Live at Fillmore Auditorium on 2005-07-15

Topics Live concert

Phil and Friends
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

Set I:
Disk 1:
1) crowd/tuning
2) Jam >
3) Shakedown Street >
4) Not Fade Away >
5) Jam >
6) Direwolf
7) Eyes Of The World >
8) Wharf Rat >
9) Must Have Been The Roses

Disk 2:
1) Help On The Way >
2) Slipknot >
3) Franklin's Tower
Set II:
4) Jam >
5) He's Gone >
6) Jam >
7) The Wheel
8) Jam>
9) Magnolia Mountain

Disk 3:
1) St. Stephen >
2) Birdsong >
3) Rosebud
4) Truckin' >
5) Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad >
6) Not Fade Away
7) crowd/donor rap/intros
8) Ripple

Phil Lesh
Ryan Adams (guitar, vocals)
Jimmy Herring (guitar)
Jeff Sipe (drums)
Rob Barraco (keys)
Barry Sless (pedal steel)

Collection PhilLeshandFriends
Band/Artist Phil Lesh and Friends
Venue Fillmore Auditorium
Location Denver, Colorado

Source 1st Row TS/DIN: AKG ck63> JKLabs ECMS-22> V3(optical)> JB3> PlayCenter> CoolEdit> CDWav> FLAC
Taped by Todd R
Transferred by Todd R


1st Row TS/DIN: AKG ck63> JKLabs ECMS-22> V3(optical)> JB3> PlayCenter> CoolEdit> CDWav> FLAC Taped and transferred by Todd R


Reviewer: G.Dadams - - January 9, 2011
Subject: Let It Ride..Not..Magnolia Mountain
Disk 2 Track 9 (18 on LMA player) is not Magnolia Mountian

It is Let It Ride

Reviewer: HonestInjin - - June 24, 2008
Subject: Setlist correction.
Magnolia Mountain is actually Let it Ride.

I liked this source's sound better (less crowd murmer):
Reviewer: jboyaquar - - September 21, 2006
Subject: A rough and dirty show
1st Set: A slow-burning mourning elegaic of a "Shakedown" opens these highly anticipated shows with the talented yet self-destructive Ryan Adams handling vocal and guitar duty. Undeniably more hand-banging and finger-pointing than groovin funk. Don't be so indebted to completing the whole song and just slide into the next number. "NFA?" an odd choice considering it's the second song of a two-night stand...but it certainly picks up the pace. Like the result of the firs number, because the meat of this expert outfit has remained unchanged, theyir ability to bring back the 'thunder' of the Dead experience while offering bonified twang-y psychedelia is undiminished. Unlike Ratdog, they rock...but always in the attempt of glorifying the moment. And like the last song, they bring the song to a stop before moving on...this time, though, to a teetering on the brink, 'skating away on the thin ice of a new day' where are we going? Ahhh...let's visit that nasty "Dire Wolf." Effectlessly sung by ??, it lacks personality. The recording picks up loads of voices as the music as stopped for a bit. Another curveball with "Eyes," Barraco's keys are effective and the machine is tuned... I'm awaiting Adams to display add an unique personality to the mix. Herring adroitly handles the mid solos. A jagged, eerie ending..they should enter some menacing territory as it's where the music is. Oddly, they're stuck with compassionate song choices...however, "Wharf" is quite familiar to ryan as he's performed it regularly at gigs in 2003/4/5. I was hoping for a more transcendent version, but it's still pretty good. Despite a few lyrcial gaffes, "Roses"'s harmonizing sounds pretty sweet. However, Ryan's singing lacks's only in the last line of the stanza does he muster linear momentum. "I need some power...power of the people." Boogeying leads to the forboding opening of "Help." The concise chaotic "Slipknot" that follows is the 1st set hilight of the show...the band forms an organic immediate jazzy feel to the crunch of the final notes..."Franklin" effortlessly breezes us to set break.

2nd Set: A short welcoming jam politely points the way to "He's Gone." Standard reading til the breakdown where things get bass-frenetic. After a few intense minutes things get more chill than expected...yes, I thought we were in for "The Wheel." decent, then more introspection. Assorted feedback and minor space dictate as we're well into the second hour of music. Not sure if "Magnolia Mountain" is a R Adams tune or not...kinda serves the mid-set bathroo-gosh, did I say that?! the song is fine if lacks much in the way of melody. After, Ryan seems to apologize for something claiming he has to grow an extra finger to hang with this crew. Yea, Phil does chord-tease the "St. Stephen" before the launch. Tight version leads to, at first, an adrift "Bird song." Sometimes Ryan comes off as more interested in testing his vocal range than flattering the song. "Rosebud" seemed more like a coda to 'Bird' than a fully realized number... "Truckin" explodes out of the starting gate, and Ryan is finally in line with the pacing. "GDTRFB" is more out of obligation than a smooth transition though the "NFA" reprise is well-done and leads to the clap-off as te band escapes the stage.

Phil does his humble organ routine, introduces the band, Ryan last...he confesses the "these songs mean the world to him...never thought he have the chance to sing of the scariest, exciting things ever...and got his ass kicked on the playground by the biggest bully in the world...all due respct...any person who plays these songs can get an extra finger or a robotic hand..." Very generous of the surging star... a warm, patient "Ripple" sends the Denver faithful out smiling and ready fr a differnt kind of lovemaking.

3 1/3 stars
Reviewer: August North - - June 12, 2006
Subject: Another Review
I love this venue, I really enjoyed how Phil and the band played the entire 1st set in a down-tempo style (perhaps for RA's sake). I was there and noticed the slow shakedown immediately. I personally don't care much for RA musical talents but do give him much respect for song writing. This recording doesn't deserve more than 3 stars maybe 2. As far as the energy level at the show and rest of the friends jamming it deserves 5 stars.
Reviewer: Mary Wanna - - February 12, 2006
Subject: set
Reviewer: hollisbrown - - October 25, 2005
Subject: not your average phil show...
way, way better.
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